Recall City Hall must file Campaign Finance Reports. It’s taken a while to get to this, but… the numbers don’t add up, but maybe they do if there’s an inherent presumption regarding dollars not listed. Here’s the most recent report, covering from March 10, 2021 to May 31, 2021:

Note that in this report, they must “Give the total for all contributions received during the period of time covered by this report.” Here’s what they report:

But they report $3,455 in donations over $100 and cash contributions of $2,916 “on different days as an aggregate.” $3,455 + 2,916 = $6,371.

On the following page, they report in-kind donations of $358.50. $6,371 + $358.50 = $6,729.50.

My calculator says:

$9,518.50 – $6,729.50 = $2,789.

Where did the $2,789 come from? No explanation. I’d guess that the inference is that the rest of the donations were not cash and were not “over $100” but amounts should be added and included in the total.

I don’t see dates listed for those donations over $100, and there’s no separate sheet to itemize all, ALL, contributions from a single source that exceeded $100 during the calendar year. It’s not up to snuff.

Postage for $360, May 27, 2021 — I wonder if this was to mail the postcards that were handed out at the fair at the Republican booth — though there’s no expenditure listed for postcards. Were they an in-kind donation? And if over $100 (4 color glossy) ID the amount and contributor.

Is Recall City Hall having a fundraiser on Friday at Colvill? Their website says so, but I’ve also heard it’s been cancelled. We shall see. Anyway, if so, what’s their fundraiser for? Maybe someone should call and find out!

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