Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission has opened dockets about impacts of COVID and utility recovery of costs. To look at dockets, go to PUC eDocket Search HERE and search for dockets 20-427, and for early filings in 20-425.


The big utilities have requested Deferred Accounting, here’s their petition, and Staff Briefing Papers with the decision options:

From Commissioner Sullivan’s memo:

5. The Commission will open a docket to request information from the regulated electric and gas utilities on the possibilities for investments that would assist in Minnesota’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

My thought: Broadband across rural Minnesota anyone?!?!?! THIS is needed and would do so much to provide jobs, jobs, jobs, AND bring rural Minnesota into the 21st Century. Rural Minnesota’s lack of broadband is huge factor in difficulty of remote education during this COVID mess, and the perfect project for COVID recovery!

In addition to impacts on utility revenue, COVID has an impact on utility projects, in queue, under construction, etc.. Is anyone tracking those impacts? In this PUC discussion, someone mention that in addition to lost revenue, there would be COVID related savings, i.e., fuel savings, construction cost savings, etc.

What do those project impacts look like? For example, back in February, I’d received Notice of Force Majeure regarding two solar projects, and then in March, I’d sent Data Practices Act Requests to Commerce and PUC about that, those posts here:

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