Rep. Dill stated in the House Environment Committee that the cost of electricity produced by Mesaba was “6.3 cents according to their lobbying and Mesaba wanted this to be part of the record.” (does anyone else still have their original powerpoint from January 2002 that promised 3.7 cents?)

Excelsior’s 2002 Senate Presentation

Excelsior’s 2002 House Presentation

Excelsior and Dill’s 6.3 cents/kWh may be the price that Excelsior is representing, and they may want that in the Committee record, but it is NOT the price established in the record of the PPA docket at the PUC.

The price established in the Dept. of Commerce analysis is 9.604-13.76 cents/kWh, which is 50-100% more than Rep. Dill’s report of 6.3 cents (and that is before any carbon capture is considered — nevermind that it is not feasible technically and is grossly cost prohibitive — another day for all of that).

9.604-13.76 cents/kWh — GOT THAT?!?!?!?!


That number is from Rebuttal Testimony of MN Dept. of Commerce’s Dr. Elion Amit, p. 8, 24, 25, just move the decimal point

Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting the ALJ’s Recommendation in the PPA docket, it’s now two weeks overdue and we’ve had no word when to expect it. Excelsior is working overtime at the legislature — maybe they’ve created some more jobs — for more lobbyists!

And meanwhile, in the Delaware PSC’s analysis of a sort of similar situation, a comparison of 3 bids on RFP where power is not needed, the IGCC coal gasification proposal went down in flames. The analysis of DE PSC staff came to essentially the same conclusions — IGCC does not provide any great benefit to the environment nor does it provide a stable and reasonable price. DE staff put it dead last, in the low twenties out of 100 possible points. Once more with feeling – CHECK THESE OUT:

Delmarva RFP Bid Evaluation Report
Delaware Independent Consultant Report

For the full PPA docket, go to www.puc.state.mn.us and to “eDockets” and then to “Search Documents” for docket 05-1993

See also www.mncoalgasplant.com

Seems to me we’ve got critical mass and critical masses!

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