Hot off the press… errrr, close, they came in yesterday, THANK YOU to MPCA staff for forwarding.  Check out Mark Seeley’s, it’s the best, he knows what he’s talking about and does a good job of it.

mark-seeleyMark Seeley, University of Minnesota Dept. of Soil, Water and Climate (MPR Photo)

EQB 111(d) draft1


EQB event_Crabtree_6-18-2014 (see p. 11: “Improvements in transmission and distribution to reduce line loss.” Give me a break… and he didn’t mention their funding for transmission for coal promotion, nor their earlier coal gasification promotion — can’t imagine why!)

EQB_6_18_14 Health

Presentation1 June 2014 Commerce (Bill Grant?  How credible is the guy who want’s to “find a way forward for coal?”  Note p. 3, focus on 5 sectors, and coal is NOT mentioned.  Surprise, surprise…)

CSEO_EQB subcommiteee meeting – This is important for the timeline and “plan”

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