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In the New Yorker:

Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party

At eleven forty-five, Sanders addressed his supporters, who were cheering even more wildly than those Clinton’s crowd had been. “Iowa, thank you,” he began, his voice hoarse. “Nine months ago, we came to this beautiful state. We had no political organization, we had no money, we had no name recognition, and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the United States of America. And tonight, while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie.”

Boomers, we need to get to work.  It’s easy to volunteer for Bernie, just go to and they’ll contact you with options!

Caucus and Primaries:

  • Nevada — Saturday, 12 noon (get there early) February 20, 2016.  Go HERE to find out where to caucus, David Overland, this means you!
  • South Carolina PRIMARY — Saturday, February 27, 2016.  Go HERE to find your polling place.
  • Super Tuesday (includes Minnesota) Tuesday, March 1
    Alabama – Primary
    Alaska – Caucus
    American Samoa – Caucus
    Arkansas – Primary
    Colorado – Caucus
    Georgia – Primary
    Massachusetts- Primary
    Minnesota – Caucus
    North Dakota – Caucus
    Oklahoma – Primary
    Tennessee – Primary
    Texas – Primary
    Vermont – Primary
    Virginia – Primary
    Wyoming – Caucus

There’s more after that, but let’s get through Super Tuesday!

Susan Hedman

Susan Hedman, head of EPA Region 5 has resigned.  I remember how thrilled I was to see that Susan Hedman, formerly of ELPC in Chicago, was appointed to head EPA Region 5.  I’d dealt with her a little during the Florence Nuclear Waste Daze, when she was an attorney on staff at ELPC, and was impressed with her knowledge and abilities, and was glad to have someone in charge that I believe would take the reins and enforce the law.  How does someone like her screw up so badly, so irresponsibly?  Wow…

Flint water crisis: EPA regional administrator resigns

EPA Administrator Quits Amid Flint Water Crisis

EPA regional chief in Chicago resigns in connection with Flint water crisis

Susan Hedman, regional EPA official, resigns over Flint water crisis

As for EPA responsibility, Hedman did a dodge and weave, and duck and cover:


EPA chief defends agency’s handling of Flint crisis

EPA admits fault, blames Michigan officials over Flint

EPA Implicated in Cover-up of Flint Water Crisis

State View: Federal EPA’s delays on Flint show complete gov’t failure

EPA passive on Flint water

Stephanie3Photo by David Kamis, taken after Stephanie’s ducks were assassinated

Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for Stephanie Henricksen.  It’s at the UCC in Northfield, gathering at 10 a.m. and service is at 11 a.m. with lunch following.

Stephanie4Photo by Kathleen Doran-Norton, of Stephanie, and there’s Dave & Flo Minar in the background

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StephanieHenriksen_artshowIn the Northfield News today:

By Carol A. Overland and Alan Muller, Special to the News

Stephanie Henriksen will be missed

Robocalls gone rogue

January 11th, 2016


Delaware robocall bomb threats:

Automated bomb threats force Delaware school evacuations

And in Iowa, on the political side of thing, racist robocalls:

From Alternet, here’s a transcript of the 50-second call:

“The American National Super PAC makes this call to support Donald Trump.

‘My name is Reverend Ronald Tan, host of the Christian radio talk show program For God and Country. First Corinthians states: God chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and God chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong. For the Iowa caucuses, please support Donald Trump. He is courageous and he speaks his mind. God Bless.’

‘I’m Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he is the one candidate who points out that we should accept immigrants who are good for America. We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump.’

‘I am William Johnson, a farmer and a white nationalist. Support Donald Trump. I paid for this through the super PAC. [Telephone] (213) 718-3908. This call is not authorized by Donald Trump.'”