Sen. Kevin Dahle has introduced SF 183, a bill that addresses the problems landowners are encountering with our good friends at Xcel Energy when they attempt to elect the “Buy the Farm” option.  See Minn. Stat. 216E.12, Subd. 4.  Buy the Farm gives landowners the option of requiring condemnation of their entire parcel, which means they can get out from under the transmission line.  Xcel Energy, on the other hand, is doing everything it can to prevent landowners from electing Buy the Farm (click here for prior “Buy the Farm” posts).

SF 183 – Buy the Farm

I’d guess that Rep. David Bly will introduce this on the House side.  Keep your eyes open.

Next steps – first email Sen. Kevin Dahle with a BIG thank you!

Then send emails and call the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it’s been sent for its first committee hearing — there’s only 8 members so it won’t take long:


Then contact your own state Senator and Representative and let them know SF 183 Buy the Farm needs their support.

Will keep you posted on other Buy the Farm developments.  This bill is a good start to the 2013 session!