There’s quite a discussion here in Red Wing about Goodhue County’s upcoming decision whether the County will continue to allow refugee resettlement in the County. This decision is necessary due to Trump’s issuance of Executive Order 13888, which prohibits resettlement of refugees unless the Governor of the state and the head of the local governmental unit have consented in advance to refugee settlement.

That means that for refugees to be able to settle somewhere, there must be an affirmative YES! to allow settlement. Minnesota’s Gov. Walz has given his consent and has welcomed refugees to Minnesota:

Governor Walz to Trump Administration: ‘The Inn is Not Full in Minnesota’

In Minnesota, that means that local governments now also must consent to be able to settle refugees in the area. County by County, here are the numbers for Minnesota counties that admitted any refugees, ones not listed, such as Goodhue County, admitted ZERO. NONE! NADA!

Goodhue County will be discussing this in a Committee of the Whole meeting tomorrow, here’s my post on that:

Refugee Resettlement in Goodhue County

In the meantime, there a federal case working its way through Maryland Southern District — keep in mind that the tRump administration is not doing well in federal challenges of its immigration Executive Orders, tRump has lost most, if not all of them (so many, it’s hard to keep track!). Here’s the Complaint and Amici filings available online:

This is everything I can find, and I need to call PACER to get into my account (new computer, AAAAAAAAAARGH!) and look at the filings in the docket, so there may be more. I can’t find the Administration’s Answer, which should have been filed in December. I’ll be digging for that and more when I can get into the court’s docket file.

4 p.m. Tuesday at Goodhue County Board Room, 3rd Floor.

This is Committee of the Whole discussion of continuation of existing Goodhue County policy to allow refugee resettlement, necessitated by tRump’s E.O. 13888 requiring prior consent of local governments.

Intent? How divisive can you get? There have been ZERO refugees resettled in Goodhue County in last 5 years.

Trump’sExecutive Order 13888 turned refugee resettlement on its head by prohibiting resettlement of refugees in an area unless both the state and local government have consented prior.

Gov. Walz to Trump Administration: “The inn is not full in Minnesota.”

Tomorrow, Tuesday 1/7,at 4:00 p.m., the Goodhue County Board, as Committee of the Whole, will address refugee resettlement:

1. Refugee Resettlement in Goodhue County


  1. Refugee Resettlement Presentation.pdf
  2. Refugee Resettlement Additional Information.pdf

The meeting was announced on a facebook group here in Red Wing, and also the Red Wing Tea Party page. I cannot believe the vitriolic, hateful, and just plain ignorant comments being made.

What are people afraid of?

That’s an essay question that’ll take some thoughtful writing, an LTE perhaps, for another day. But in short, it’s about white folks seeing that the world is changing, that privilege as majority isn’t a given, and knowing how the majority has treated minorities, a fear that a reverse Golden Rule karma may be in the future. A similar issue are the cries of Sharia Law by those pushing a “Christian” theocracy, and failure to observe that U.S. is a country of agnostic laws based on the Constitution, particularly the 4th Amendment, by those coming here fleeing religious persecution.

REMEMBER THIS?!?!  tRump’s “Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration” during campaign and AFTER sworn in January, 2017?

Just in, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Hawaii v. Trump – check the language in 3(b) below:

Trump v Hawaii 17-965_h315

Bottom line (click for larger version):

… it’s BAAAAAACK!  The screenshot of tRump’s “Donald J. Trump Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration” above has been on tRump’s campaign website since forever… and has been posted through his signing of Executive Order 13769 and Executive Order 13780.

It’s been posted through federal court pleadings and hearings, used as evidence of his intent on banning Muslim immigration:


TRO as Filed


MD Federal Court_Trump EO13780

I’ve been watching this page, because I couldn’t believe the arrogance, the obliviousness, of leaving that page up, whatever are they thinking?  Today, special thanks to Mary Turck, who noted that it was removed yesterday.  The day before today’s hearing on the Executive Order, sometime before 21:36:59 yesterday.  Good grief!  That isn’t going to make it go away.  Ever hear of the Wayback Machine?  DOH!  Screenshot time!

Stupid.  Bigly stupid, SO stupid.

There are a few articles, but I cannot find the 40+ page court order!  Looking…  FOUND IT!!

Judge Derrik Watson_Hawaii Federal District Court_06112723217_TRO

Bottom line:

And some articles:

Federal Judge in Hawaii Puts Trump Travel Ban on Hold

Federal Judge in Hawaii Puts Trump’s New Travel Ban on Hold

Federal judge in Hawaii puts revised Trump travel ban on hold

Federal judge in Hawaii puts Trump travel ban on hold

Found it, what a great decision.  And what a loser tRump is!