After wading through the bullshit last night, it feels a lot better this morning in Red Wing. Watch the video, particularly Agenda Items 7, 10C, and 10D:

Red Wing City Council Meeting – June 14, 2021

In order of appearance:

  • Agenda Item 7 – Terri Cook appointed to Charter Commission, no discussion, no muss, no fuss.
  • Agenda Item 10C – Recall – Brown and Buss – once again, no malfeasance or non-feasance. DOH!
  • Agenda Item 10D – Shared space – Mayor Wilson does not have exclusive rights to the shared space at City Hall.

There was a call to SHOW UP and support the Council, that’s the folks in white shirts, who far outnumbered the “RECALL” folks, about the same percentages as in the Presidential votes in our fair city. Overflow crowd.

In the Republican bEagle:

4 things to know about the Red Wing City Council meeting

In the Rochester Post Bulletin:

Recall committee loses another round at Red Wing city council meeting

Can’t make it? WATCH MEETING HERE!

Here’s the AGENDA, with interesting sections (click on AGENDA for live links):

And the one that will likely again confirm that the Recall Committee has not met the malfeasance and/or non-feasance standard:

And an interesting one right after that:

A Line 3 Appellate Decision

June 14th, 2021

Here it is:

In the Matter of the Application of Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership, for a Certificate of Need and a Routing Permit for the Proposed Line 3 Replacement Project in Minnesota from the North Dakota Border to the Wisconsin Border.

Oh here we go again! I’ve been rummaging through files, trying to go paperless, don’t cha know (before the back half of the house falls over) and for some reason kept my dry cask files. I figure I’m one of the few people on earth who have all this … info… yeah, that’s it, information.

So far, not much in the docket:

There’s this thing about the TN-40 casks that I learned way back when, at the first NSP “Task Force” meeting in December, 1994. TN-40s have aluminum seals.

Seals need to be replaced. That was established way back when in 1994. While learning about the cask parts, I was fresh off a trip to CA, was making $$ to open my Farmington office, and those trailer seals are always leaking, so while sitting around waiting for a load, I got in the habit of taking the hub cap off, scraping it down, and putting a ring of bright silicon in there, putting the hub back on, and filling it up with gear oil. So these seals, I ask, when do the need to be replaced? Per NSP, they need to be replaced every 20 years. Well, at that meeting, we also learned that there was no unloading procedure/protocol! And how does one replace a seal without unloading it, or at least taking the cap off… in the pool, right?

About seals (note this is for a TN-68, but you get the idea), it’s not rocket science, only nuclear waste, 4 & 5 are the seals, with seal alternatives below at the end:

Have any of the TN-40 seals been replaced? They’ve been loaded for over 20 years now. Inquiring minds need to know.

Have any of the casks been unloaded? They’ll need to be unloaded to put the assemblies in another cask. Remember the 3 Stooges unloading of the TN-29P at INEL?

Commerce-DER refers to a 2009 proceeding to allow use of TransNuclear transportation frame to transport TN-40s so they’d never need to be unloaded prior to transport. What’s changed that they want to do this now? More capital expense to get a good ROI as part of their new business plan?

From TN, here’s the details on that transport option:

I can’t think of a worse idea than putting casks containing embrittled and fragile old spent-fuel assemblies, and dumping them on their sides, putting the container thing around, popping on a train, and rolling down the tracks to who knows where.

Details? Can’t get there from here:

Environmentally friendly seal options:

Recall Petitions here!

June 10th, 2021

This is going to take forever, but here we go! A work in progress, posting as I get them formatted.

FYI, folks this IS public information — each petition has this displayed in CAPITAL LETTERS above the signature spaces:

Here’s the caption that’s on each petition — also note that the person signing is to be the one filling it out — and clearly that often did not happen that way. See examples below following the petitions:

Petitions Filed May 10, 2021:

(Some of the May 10, 2021 Ward 3 Norton MIA, will post soon!)

Irregularities – Petitions filed May 10, 2021:

Petitions filed May 24, 2021 – supplement May 10, 2021 Petitions

Irregularities – Petitions filed May 24, 2021


The May 10, 2021 Ward 3 Norton file MIA, will post when I get it.

There’s a problem that really sticks out in Ward 4, but seems in all groups of Petitions… I’ve only taken a quick scan, distracting while combining and reducing files. What’s obvious is that while the petitions clearly state, “ALL INFORMATION MUST BE FILLED IN BY PERSON(S) SIGNING THE PETITION UNLESS DISABILITY PREVENTS PERSON(S) FROM DOING SO,” many lines are filled out by the same person, NOT the persons signing the petition.

Each person turning in a bunch of petitions sign an affidavit, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY:

Yet here are examples where it looks like one person filled in some, or all, of the lines: