Recall Petitions here!

June 10th, 2021

This is going to take forever, but here we go! A work in progress, posting as I get them formatted.

FYI, folks this IS public information — each petition has this displayed in CAPITAL LETTERS above the signature spaces:

Here’s the caption that’s on each petition — also note that the person signing is to be the one filling it out — and clearly that often did not happen that way. See examples below following the petitions:

Petitions Filed May 10, 2021:

(Some of the May 10, 2021 Ward 3 Norton MIA, will post soon!)

Irregularities – Petitions filed May 10, 2021:

Petitions filed May 24, 2021 – supplement May 10, 2021 Petitions

Irregularities – Petitions filed May 24, 2021


The May 10, 2021 Ward 3 Norton file MIA, will post when I get it.

There’s a problem that really sticks out in Ward 4, but seems in all groups of Petitions… I’ve only taken a quick scan, distracting while combining and reducing files. What’s obvious is that while the petitions clearly state, “ALL INFORMATION MUST BE FILLED IN BY PERSON(S) SIGNING THE PETITION UNLESS DISABILITY PREVENTS PERSON(S) FROM DOING SO,” many lines are filled out by the same person, NOT the persons signing the petition.

Each person turning in a bunch of petitions sign an affidavit, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY:

Yet here are examples where it looks like one person filled in some, or all, of the lines:

2 Responses to “Recall Petitions here!”

  1. Thomas Drazkowski Says:

    Attorney General – Wisconsin
    2001 Open Meeting and Data Practices Complaint to WI A.G. and ACLU regarding violations of City of St. Croix Falls & Mayor Lundgren (who was
    later charged with and plead to felony misconduct in office and misdemeanor theft, and ejected from office)

    How is it you can take one side when you are getting paid and another when it effects your fellow local lawmakers friends?

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Facts matter. Lundgren was guilty as hell. There have been no open meeting violations here in Red Wing — meetings were closed due to legal requirements and/or options, i.e., required for personnel issues, and for discussion of real estate sale/contract. This is not that difficult. The “250 word statement” used is fiction, legally insufficient claim of malfeasance or non-feasance. You’ll find out soon enough if you drag this to court.

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