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Dr. Hansen to Gov. Pawlenty — stop Big Stone II!!

It was all over the news yesterday, Dr. James Hansen, global warming expert, delivered a missive to the Green Chameleon, Tim Pawlenty, to act on global warming and stop the Big Stone II coal plant:

Letter to Pawlenty from Dr. James E. Hansen

Here’s a few choice quotes, highlighting how far the Green Chameleon’s policies are from what’s necessary:

“Grandfathering” of fossil fuel plants and any ineffectual “cap and trade” scheme, should it be initiated, will necessarily be replaced by “cap and bulldoze”. Coal use must be eliminated unless and until technology is available with near-zero emissions.


Governor Pawlenty, building Big Stone II, a conventional coal-fired power plant would expose ratepayers and Minnesota to grave financial risk. Steeply rising construction costs and coal prices are themselves ratcheting up the cost of coal-fired electricity, and sure-to-appear legislation that demands elimination of CO2 emissions will drive costs much higher. Any assumption about possibly retrofitting the plant for CO2 capture is a dubious and financially risky proposition.


Specifically, a strong clear public statement by you against proceeding with construction of Big Stone II could be a turning point for Minnesota. It would provide a boost toward a future focused on renewable energies and energy efficiency, and the high-quality jobs that will be associated with that direction. Big Stone II, in contrast, poses severe risks for Minnesotans due to escalating capital costs, penalties for uncaptured CO2 emissions, and environmental damage from changing climate as well as regional pollutants such as mercury.

Here is an article yesterday from the West Central Tribune in Willmar:

NASA scientist asking Pawlenty to stop Big Stone II power plant project

and in the STrib:

Top scientist objects to coal-based power plant

and on MPR:

NASA scientist asks Pawlenty to oppose coal power

The link was on the Fresh Energy site and they held a press conference and here’s their press release — good job all around! Great news coverage!

You can find Dr. Hansen’s papers HERE.

Question — why is it that it takes someone from NASA to do what each of us should be doing… holding Pawlenty, the Green Chameleon, accountable!! THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE — this is a simple matter of knowing what it takes to cut CO2 emissions. Cutting CO2 emissions won’t happen by allowing 10 million tons annually! You have to CUT them… how much will it take to undo that 10 million ton nod to coal? When you’ve got toadies on parade, those “environmental” members of the Green Chameleon’s Gasbags who want to exempt Big Stone II and Mesaba from CO2 regulation, what gives?


Why are they doing that and not holding Pawlenty accountable and demanding ACTION, not just yammering. I get so tired of all this hot air about global warming. Let’s take a cue from Hanson, do our share, and let Pawlenty know what we think. First, send in comments on the Climate Change Action Group recommendations:

HERE’S THE REPORT – in small pieces


Just for yucks, and to make sure they go in (there’s been problems with the “comment form” system), send to:

And then call Pawlenty and tell him what you think. From his site:

To contact Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lt. Governor Carol Molnau, please write, phone, fax or e-mail.

Governor Tim Pawlenty

Office of the Governor
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Telephone: (651) 296-3391
Toll Free: (800) 657-3717
Facsimile: (651) 296-2089

So, that’ll keep ya busy for a while!

Delaware cancer clusters

April 24th, 2008

(stolen from Jack Markell’s site)

A report on Delaware cancer clusters has finally been made public.  First was disclosure of a cancer cluster surrounding NRG’s Indian River Power Plant.  Now eight clusters have been disclosed.

Here’s the report:

Average Annual Age Adjusted Cancer Incidence Rates

Today’s paper has a few articles about it — is anyone paying attention?

Eight cancer clusters discovered in Delaware

But just as the Millsboro-area findings led activists and residents to suspect pollution as the main culprit, so did the new report.

Sen. David McBride, a Democrat who represents the Hares Corner and Wilmington Manor areas — part of the New Castle region, with inflated rates of lung cancer, prostate cancer and all cancers combined — said he suspects the high rates stem from the area’s history as a “dumping ground” for chemical plants and other heavy industry.

High incidence seen in most polluted areas

Cause of cancer cluster often never discovered

“It’s always the case that cancer rates are distributed unevenly,” he said, “and almost always, they relate strongly to socioeconomic factors.”

Map of cancer clusters in Delaware

Just the day before the paper reported on an “Earth Day” forum of Governor wannabes — was this a topic of discussion?

Still no license renewal application for the Prairie Island nuclear plant.

I’m on the way to the Post Office to check the P.O. Box…

Here’s Queen Kenya relaxing with the Prairie Island reactors in the background.

WTF is with these guys? Can you believe it? I’ve spent a week now trying to get a copy of the application — the application for relicensing of Prairie island Nuclear Generating Plant. The company sends out a press release (CLICK HERE) and gets media coverage, I heard about it via STrib and MPR, and have been trying to get the application ever since.

Xcel’s Prairie Island page with nada about relicensing, not a single link

Here’s Monticello Relicensing Page – so WHERE’S PINGP’S?

Why do I want the application? Oh, just to check it out and see if there’s anything interesting. Like I need more on the bursting nuclear shelf in my office… but it’s here in Red Wing and I really should know what’s going on.

Oh, silly me, when I asked, I expected it would be like all the others. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… first they resist, then I get word from both Chris Clark, King Grand Pooh-Bah Esq. at Xcel; and from Mike Wadley, Chief Broom-pusher, Plant Manager, and VP of All Things Prairie Island, that they were on it.

…. sigh… here’s what I got an hour ago:

Dear Ms. Overland:

I understand that you are interested in reviewing the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant’s license renewal application. We have verified with the Red Wing Public Library, 225 East Avenue, Red Wing, that a copy of the document is available at the library for pubic review.

Thank you,

Kelli Huxford
Communications Consultant
Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant
651-388-1121, ext. 4967
Nuclear Energy—Safe, Clean, Reliable, Affordable

Ummmmm… I don’t think so…

My reply to poor Ms. Huxford, who I’ve not dealt with before, copied to the world:

It’s unfortunate that they put you in the position of being the courier, but once more, with feeling, I am not interested in “reviewing” the application at the Red Wing library.

I want a hard copy of the application that I can write in and put post-its on and write about.
I think I’ve been very clear about this in my numerous communications with NMC, Xcel and the NRC.

In numerous proceedings I’ve represented clients and been personally involved in state and federal administrative, legislative, media and court proceedings opposing Xcel projects (and in the Mesaba case working with Xcel), and historically, Xcel routinely produces applications for interested parties. Xcel’s and NMC’s resistance to producing a copy of this application is making me wonder if I should take on Prairie Island relicensing as a personal project.

If it helps, I’ll come out to the plant and pick it up, as I did with the SW Minnesota transmission study.

I look forward to having one in my hands SOON. Mike Wadley knows well where I live and can drop one off on the way to today’s powerlunch! The porch is open.

This is absurd to take a week to get this out. There’s no legitimate excuse for this. I’m losing my patience.



What is going on here? Whatever are they thinking?

Seems Mike Wadley, Site V.P. at Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant, heard the squeaky wheel, joined now by several other squeaky wheels, and will dig around and find out what’s up with the Prairie Island relicensing applications.  Sounds like one is at the Red Wing library.  I’m holding out for a hard copy, as I told him, I think I deserve on, each of the 4-5 volumes in a gold plated binder.  We’ll see…