View out the window. To report outage: 800-895-4999


There’s a water tower full of antennae at the top of our West bluff. Does the bluff have a name?

Yesterday, I checked with T-Mobile about the non-existent signal and dropping of calls. T-Mobile said then that for two days, there’s been no power to their antennae and they’re waiting for Xcel Energy to connect it! Today, I checked again, and there still is no power to the antenna.

Nothing shows in the Xcel outage map!

This affects thousands. GET WITH IT, XCEL!

To report outage to Xcel Energy: 800-895-4999


Just in, and enlivened links are here:

ARRRRGH, makes me sick…


Here we go again. The DOE has announced another round of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors and maybe coming to your community!

The most important info isn’t published yet, but once it is, and we know all the details:

The Notice of Intent and Request for Information: Designation of National Interest Electric
Transmission Corridors will be published May 15, 2023, at that time, the blanks will be filled in:

Whew! Got this done early too!

And that noise modeling that is SO off, really, p. 18 & 19, they did this, 0.6 and 1.0 ground factor!!!

Nope, not OK, this needs a do over, resubmit corrected modeling, with notice for public review and comment.

Here’s a post with the primary documents for you to check out and COMMENT ON!

Lava Ridge wind DEIS deadline now 4/20

I must admit, I get so tired of over and over and over and over harping on the basic bottom line, that we DON’T NEED MORE TRANSMISSION. But oh well… here we go again. Just filed Reply Comments on the Biennial Transmission Report:

Once more with feeling:

2021 Biennial Transmission Report