Keeping on keeping on…

October 12th, 2013

Sometimes it gets really tired out.  There have been two LONG projects that slowly wound down lately, five long years.  It’s hard to keep up that kind of slow-motion fight.  Ya know how that is?  Well, the article below was received a while back from a cohort in a big long mess of a case that ended sort of well (except that someone always gets stuck with the infrastructure in their yard).  Knowing of the battle, being out there on the front lines, she sent this:

Sustaining the Conservationist

Worth the read… a reality check that we are indeed in a long strange trip!

And speaking of this activist cohort, look who’s joining her family, is she cute or what — look at that smile, it’s enough to sustain any conservationist.  I’m SO looking forward to meeting this little grrrrrrrl:


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