There’s a new tar-sands pipeline proposed to run across Northern Minnesota, the “Sandpiper” pipeline.

Doesn’t that name make you feel better?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now that I’ve got your attention, check out the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission docket.  Go to the “Search Dockets” page, and search for 13-473.  Thus far, it isn’t far, it’s at the “Notice Plan” stage, which means that the company filed a Notice Plan, which states how they’ll give notice to affected local governments, landowners, etc., that the PUC reviewed it, and approved it, with some changes.

Notice Plan – Sandpiper Pipeline

And the PUC did approve the Notice Plan, with a few changes:

PUC Order – Notice Plan

But wait, there are already quite a few pipelines through Minnesota (click for larger version), and these do not include the upgrade of Line 67, one of those lines shown below, to 570,000 barrels/day from 450,000 barrels/day (PUC Docket 13-153):


And I don’t see that MinnCan tar sands pipeline on that “system” map — perhaps only the Enbridge system:

MinnCan Pipeline Route

So back to the Enbridge Sandpiper.  Where is it proposed to go?


And why do they need it? It’s not really stated in the Notice Plan, but here’s what they’re saying in letters they propose as notice:

Yup, that’s right!  They “need” it… well, because they want it… they “need” it because they want it because they “need” it because they want it, but remember, this is a Certificate of Need docket, where they have to prove they NEED it!  The burden of proof is on them.

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