Ken Tilson died yesterday…

September 2nd, 2013

tilsen, ken

Photo fair use from St. Paul Pioneer Press

Ken Tilsen died yesterday.  I’ll not forget his helpful reviews, comments and support when I represented Florence Township and we sued Northern States Power, the Public Utilities Commission, Environmental Quality Board, and Goodhue County for their roles and failure to follow the law when they tried to site nuclear waste in the township in Goodhue County.

Ken Tilsen, a champion of justice for all, dies at 85

St. Paul activist, civil rights lawyer, Ken Tilsen dies

Larry Long posted this link to his archives at the Historical Society — this would be most enlightening:

KENNETH E. TILSEN: An Inventory of His Papers at the Minnesota Historical Society

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  1. Holly Cairns Says:

    Hi Carol,

    Kenneth Tilsen sounds like a gem of a man, leading with a kind heart. He’s Linda’s uncle if you aren’t following her on FB.

    Woody Guthrie! AIM! Gutsy.

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