7849 Rulemaking Update

July 4th, 2013


Last week was the second meeting of the “Advisory Committee” for the Minnesota Rules Chapter 7849 (Certificate of Need) pre-rulemaking drafting.  Here’s the most recent draft — and the Ch. 7850 draft is ??? overdue… will post it as soon as it’s in.

7849 June 5 DRAFT New

It’s frustrating, because the informal “pre-rulemaking” drafting is the only real opportunity to offer any changes, once it’s into formal rulemaking, it won’t change in any substantive way.  Meanwhile, it’s ongoing and the public isn’t well represented, well, they ARE represented, but only in nominal numbers, i.e. ONE regular person, and three attorneys who represent citizens, advocacy, landowners, environmental groups.  SOOOOO, I’m doing what I can to let people know what’s going on.  They’re not even making the drafts public so … here it is AGAIN!  And I posted it on the PUC’s 7849 rulemaking site, go HERE and search for docket 12-1246!

If you have comments, write them up, very specifically explaining your comment and linking it to the specific rule or part of the rule the comment relates to, and post on the PUC’s eDockets or send to kate.kahlert@state.mn.us (she’s the PUC staff person in charge of this rulemaking).

A previous post with the details:

Rulemaking – Certificate of Need 7849

June 12th, 2013

Some comments were filed just before the first meeting, after the first meeting, before the second and after the second:

Wind Coalition – Christi Brusven

   Change-Pro Redline – 6664261-v1-MN Wind Coalition 7849 June 5 DRAFT New and 6664261-v4-MN Wind Coali (2)-c

   Change-Pro Redline – 6665625-v1-MN Wind Coalition Project Notice 7849 0130 (Revisions to Participati (3)-c

   Change-Pro Redline – 6665625-v1-MN Wind Coalition Project Notice 7849 0130 (Comments added 7-3-13)-c

Participating Utilities – Alan Mitchell

   List of Issues

   Project Notice 7849.0130

   Explanation of part 7849.0130

Xcel Energy – Lisa Agrimonti

   Project Notice 7849 Xcel Energy Comments

   Rulemaking – email – Certificate of Need Chapter 7829

North Route Group – Suzanne Rohlfing

   Rulemaking Comments for June 26

NoCapX 2020 & U-CAN – Carol A. Overland

   Overland Comments July3

   Rulemaking – email – CEII (Critical Energy Infrastructure Information)

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