dsc01265Today the public hearings continue for the Hollydale transmission project.

1:30 p.m. at the Medina Ballroom on Hwy. 55

It’s a 115 kV line proposed for Plymouth and Medina through people’s yards — not a good idea.  DUH!

For the full docket, go to the PUC’s Search Docket Page and search for 12-113.

Here’s how they present it in Figure 2 of the Certificate of Need application:

But here’s what it really looks like:

I’m representing a family that lives west of the “Focused Study Area” who just moved to Medina and were surprised by this project — no notice that it was proposed — and are challenging need for the project, and if need is demonstrated, supporting the A-2 distribution system alternative, an upgrade of the 13.8 kV system to 34.5 kV, distributed generation at the load along the area highways, and a combination that would address any demonstrated need:

Petition for Intervention — March 4, 2013

The parties had a phone conference Monday about Xcel Energy’s request to delay the evidentiary hearings (we aren’t formal parties at this point and weren’t invited, but thanks to “plays well with others” Xcel for the heads up about it):

Xcel Energy request for continuance (SF 716 attached)

And the response from Western Plymouth Neighborhood Alliance:

Western Plymouth Neighborhood Alliance

It’s odd delaying a project hearing for a bill that’s speculative, who knows if it might pass or not.  But it’s delayed, the evidentiary hearing, that is, until May or June sometime, after the legislative session is over, and details remain to be worked out.  I’d guess Xcel Energy has other reasons not to go forward with the evidentiary hearing on need for this line…

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