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There’s a group from the Village School that’s arrived in Europe for the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC 2005). Here’s the latest from Maria Musachio, teacher at the Village School. She’s a friend who now lives in Kenyon, a former neighbor of mine and also the aforementioned Jay Burlison.


I am writing from Paris and I’m sitting in an internet cafe for the
first time. It’s a funny arrangement on the keyboard so bear with my

Our trip from Amsterdam to Paris was LONG! We did not want to ride
the high speed train because it would cost us an extra 150 euros so we
took the regular train and experienced several delays. We left
Amsterdam at ç:”à am and didnt get to our hostel in Paris until &à:&(
pm. That was hard, but everyone held up just fine. Our regret is that our time in Paris is so short. It seems like a wonderful city, very friendly and easy to find our way around. We all went out to a neighborhood cafe last night and had a great time. This morning we headed out on the subway to see the Eiffel Tower. It is truly magnificent. Joe and Doug waited in the rather long line and went all the way to the top. They failed to remember to take pictures though, so the scene up there remains in their memories only.

Some of us moved on, walking to the Arc de Triumph, then down the
Champs de Elysees, down to the Louvre (didn’t go in) and then back
home on the “Metro”. We all loved Paris and are sad to be leaving so

Our hostel is great, a view to die for out every window, in a very
nice neighborhood, and hot showers in each of the rooms.

We head to Switzerland tomorrow at – am. Wish us luck! I’m checking
my e-mail so send messages if you want; More later.

Stay tuned for updates, and Maria said she’ll try to send photos from Berlin.


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