Comments Due on USFWS Comments!

January 17th, 2013


There was a Comment period on New Era Wind Project f/k/a AWA Goodhue Wind Project f/k/a Goodhue Wind Project’s second Avian and Bat Protection Plan.  The Comment Period was to end the 15th, two days ago.  Then Commerce asked for an Extension to comment on the USFWS review of the monitoring and that review wasn’t coming in until January 15th.  Great… no time to review.  So yes, extend, that makes sense.  Well, the extension they asked for was just until today, January 17th, and that’s what was granted.  But the USFWS review wasn’t eFiled until yesterday.  So we get one day.  And now here it is after 2:00 p.m.  Too much going on…

Here’s the report:

US Fish and Wildlife Service – ABPP and monitoring comments

If you have comments on these, send to… oh great, here what they say:

Filing Requirements: Utilities, telecommunications carriers, official parties, and state agencies are required to file documents using the Commission’s electronic filing system (eFiling). All parties, participants and interested persons are encouraged to use eFiling.

So, to sign up for eFiling, go here and submit your comments:

eFiling Registration – it’s QUICK and it’s EASY!

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