Delaware Audubon Society will give Alan Muller its Conservation Award at its Annual Dinner, coming up on December 7, 2012.  Alan doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but that’s part of what I’ve got a blog for!  Please join us at the Annual Meeting and Dinner!

205 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE


If the link doesn’t work, go to the Annual Dinner site!

What’s the Conservation Award?  Well, in this case, maybe it’s a thank you, maybe it’s a send-off, maybe they’re just glad to see Alan spending so much time in Minnesota, but whatever it is, it’s recognition of all that he’s done in Delaware.


Special thanks to Matt Del Pizzo and Linda Whaley who are working so hard to pull this together.  Alan and Matt got a lot done back when Matt was head of Audubon not so long ago, and appreciated their ability to work together to make a difference in Delaware.

As a recipient of the Conservation Award, Alan’s in interesting company — we’re especially partial to 1988’s Jake Kreshtool, he’s pretty much adopted us and is the best mentor of activism we could hope to find in Delaware, an attorney who was on the Steering Committee of Green Delaware, and way way back, he fought the big transmission line crossing the Delaware River at New Castle.  Here’s their list of past recipients:

Past Honorees:
2011 Howard P. Brokaw
2010 Andy Ednie
2009 Chad Tolman
2008 Citizens for Clean Power
2007 Debbie Heaton
2006 Andy Urquhart
2005 Richard and Lorraine Fleming
2004 Warren Lauder
2003 Albert S. Matlack
2002 Ann Rydgren
2001 Thomas Sharp
2000 Lynn Williams
1999 Edward W. Cooch, Jr.
1998 Dorothy Miller
1997 Grace Pierce-Beck
1996 Russell Peterson
1995 Winston Wayne
1994 Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
1993 Ruth Ann Minner
1992 Leah Roedel
1991 Barbara Lundberg
1990 Don Sharpe
1989 Til Purnell
1988 Jacob Kreshtool
1987 Rick West
1986 Gwynne Smith
1985 Lynne Frink
1984 Peggy Jahn

Here are two profiles of Muller:

The Eco-Activists – Alan Muller Profile

A Profile of Alan Muller of Port Penn: An Environmental Activist and Director of Green Delaware

A look at the work of Muller and Green Delaware shows how much he’s gotten done in a difficult environment, particularly Alan’s favorite accomplishment,  Delaware’s legislative ban of incineration.

Alan speaking at Macalaster for Neighbors Against the Burner:


Alan officing at Itasca State Park:


Alan at the raw sewage outlet (where’s that photo of him in his jailbird suit behind these bars?):


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