The eye of Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit Delaware tonight and run across the state starting about one mile or less from Port Penn, Delaware.  That’s where our house is and a little too close for comfort.  Port Penn, is a small village, where 9 intersects with Market, around market to the corner where 9 heads south on Congress.  We’re just south of Market a block east of where 9 connects.  That the little peninsula on the lower right is “Artificial Island” where there are THREE nuclear reactors.  Hurricane Sandy is coming in about a mile north of the reactors, and about a mile north of Port Penn.   State Rd. 9 is the one that floods all the time and is often closed.

Power outages as of early Monday evening:


Delaware has been declared a disaster area, there’s already lots of flooding and waves coming in over the boardwalk on the southern beaches.

Sandy picks up speed; Obama declares disaster area for Delaware

Power is out north of the canal:

Delmarva Power Outages

The good news is that the house has been standing since 1742, the historical Steward House, and it’s now got a solidly reinforced new roof (and what a pain in the patoot that was!).  But there are a lot of windows pointing towards the Delaware Bay and directly into the oncoming path of hurricane Sandy.



Hope all’s well when we get there in a month or so!  Thankfully we’ve got the best neighbors on the planet who will keep us posted.

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