Jaybird’s building again…

October 23rd, 2006

I can’t find the photos of his beautiful duplex in Prestigious East Phillips, drat, he took the rattiest most flea-infested place and turned it into a piece of the country in the city, complete with kiwi’s and peach trees. That is, he had kiwis in those times when my dog wasn’t leaping out of second story windows and falling on them — I think that’s why he put up that big iron fence with impalers on the top… but he liked Maggie Mae nonetheless. Now that he’s in Virginia, he’s doing it again, this time with a house that just doesn’t seem “Jay” because it’s square and quite common, and he’s surely not! Anyway, here’s the lastest project, quick before “winter” comes… if they can call it that there…

The shed dormer on the back of the house, inside and out:



And here’s the “Doghouse” dormer on the front:



Hey, Jay, it’s looking good! What’s up with those little walls there, maybe kneewalls from there across,,, send the plans!!!

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