It was Saturday morning, one of those times when I’d just as soon ignore the phone, but it was an Iowa number and I couldn’t resist. Good thing, too, it was one of those calls that makes life worthwhile, Bert and Diane Schou called for a consult on a transmission line going past their house. They’d participated in the Iowa Utility Board hearing, and the Order had just come out, and what an Order it was, as it too often is, dismissing all concerns raised and giving the utility just what it wants:

Here’s the Order of the Iowa Utility Board ALJ!

The Schou’s took an approach similar to that of the Power Line Task Force, which brought in scientific experts including cellular specialist Dr. Martin Blank for Direct Testimony and Rebuttal, and Magda Havas, except the Schou’s witnesses were participating by phone and written statement, and the Administrative Law Judge essentially paid no attention.

Meanwhile, Diane is suffering from electrical sensitivity, as are a growing number of people, and is trying to find relief. The DesMoines Register featured the Schou’s struggle earlier this month:

Cedar Falls woman loses bid to block power line extension

There is a LOT of information out there on EMF, including:

EMF-RAPID report

A pooled analysis of magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia

I’m short on time and can’t find it, but there’s this great HUGE California study… it’s got to be here somewhere…

The best most credible site on EMF, bar none, is Roger Conant and the Power Line Task Force’s Power Line Facts. CHECK IT OUT!

And while we’re on the topic of transmission, David Bly’s just blogged on Electricity: Whiners and Loosers.


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