breaktime(that’s dear departed Kenya doggy in front of the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant back in 2004 or so)

Uprate Xcel Energy’s Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant?  I think not…

Today was the deadline for filing comments to Xcel Energy’s Changed Circumstances Petition.  Here it is:

Xcel Petition – Changed Circumstances

And what’s been filed so far:

Commerce Comments (yawn)

City of Red Wing (misses the boat, doesn’t address need, only $$$)

Prairie Island Indian Community – BULLS EYE!!! Very well done!

And Alan and I filed joint Comments:

Muller and Overland Comment – we did the math!


One Response to “Uprate for Prairie Island Nuclear Plant?”

  1. Alan Muller Says:

    The PUC should, as was apparent at the time, NOT have approved the uprate. Perhaps a lot of blame should fall on the Department of Commerce, a reliable rubber stamp for applicants. Now, will the PUC learn any lesson from this, about not being lead around by the nose by Xcel and other utilities?

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