Summer update!

May 7th, 2012


Well, there’s good news and bad news… it’s probably cancer, likely mast cell cancer, and the good news is that last night I unwrapped it so that she wouldn’t eat the gauze and sock, and she cleaned it out really good, got rid of the white parts, the swelling is way down, and she can walk on her own!  Even get into the van by herself!  I’m SOOOO relieved.  We got some antibiotics, and pain pills, and stinky ointment to smear on it so she doesn’t keep worrying it.  But she can walk!  She’s our hospice doggy, so we’re not doing anything extreme, and presuming it’s cancer because doing a biopsy and knowing for sure wouldn’t really change our treatment of it — palliative care is where it’s at.

From this to the cleaned up version in the next photo:



She’s one happy dog today, her attitude reminds me a lot of Kenya, smiles in the face of perversity:


Update: Tuesday evening it was pretty gross, bleeding and weepy, but today it’s “in the pink” again:


The two “S & S Grrrrrrls” are even getting along better:


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