How’d that happen?

May 5th, 2012

This is THE weekend in SE Minnesota!

It’s the 100 mile garage sale!!!!

They say rain or shine, but we pretty much got rained out this afternoon, even the mini-donut stand near Lake City shut down.  We waited it out a bit and then headed home, the van only half full.  And found this — looks like I brought  Monica’s St. Louis wild weather back home:


OH MY!  It could have been a lot worse.  The good news is that it missed the house and missed the car that parks there on the street, not by much, there’s a hunk of wood stuck in the grill, but no dents, nada. WHEW!  Didn’t hit the house!  WHEW!!


It’s an old tree, it’s twin right across the street, and they’re HUGE, at least 50 feet tall, maybe more.  We don’t want to lose them.  Alan had called the city about trimming it, it needs a little maintenance.  The one across the street is in worse shape, missing large limbs, and now it seems this one is trying to catch up.  What’s strange is that nowhere else did we see any trees down.  Oh, except for the darker maple that lost a couple of small branches probably when the big one came down.

Now where’s that chain saw???

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