St. Louis had some weather!

April 30th, 2012

hail4Taken by Monica Schmuck, hail found in her back yard Saturday evening

This weekend was BaronFest, a gathering of German Shepherds in St. Louis.  Saturday, sitting around the table, I noticed clouds, and it was drizzling a bit, and I commented on it, Monica, hostest with the mostest, pointed out “southwest” from the yard and my directions were off.   But an hour later as I went towards the hotel, southwest was dark green and the wind picked up.  I quick fired off a text and by the time I got about half a mile down the road, BIG thunks were hitting the car, couldn’t see, and moi, who never stops, joined a couple other cars under the I-70 bridge.  The wind picked up even more and the sirens went off. I could barely see beyond the bridge, and soon it was full underneath.  This is the place where the tornado hit one year ago.  Above is the result, below too:



From wall to wall German Shepherds to wall to wall ice balls… Monica might need a new roof, but otherwise damage in Maryland Heights wasn’t too bad.  But closer to downtown, the beer tent at Kilroy’s was another matter:

St. Louis tent collapse raises safety questions:

Back to Monica’s neighborhood:

Everyone was safe, dogs too, but most pups were terrified.

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