AWA Goodhue appeal refiled

December 13th, 2011


The T. Boone Pickens’ AWA Goodhue Wind Project proposed for Goodhue County is headed to the Appellate Court… again.

Goodhue Wind Truth – Appeal II

Coalition for Sensible Siting – Appeal II

Here we go!!!

Why again???  Ask the PUC — they sent around a bogus memorandum pushing to appeal in September, we did, and said, “Hey, Appellate Court, look what they’re saying, can you believe it?” and the Appellate Court said, “PUC, what ever do you think you’re doing?  APA rules do not pre-empt your own rules about appeal, DUH!”

PUC Memorandum saying FILE APPEAL NOW OR ELSE!

Appellate Court Order to Dismiss – November 1, 2011

They’re worth a read to see how convoluted and brazen the PUC’s push was.  The Court agreed with us and said the PUC was so egregious that hey, don’t worry about it, when you refile at the appropriate time, NO CHARGE!!!  As it should be.

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