question_marksXcel Energy filed “Testimony” in the Hiawatha Project Certificate of Need docket. It’s odd, there are NO intervenors in this docket, everyone from the Routing docket is sitting this one out.  WHY???

Here’s the testimony:

Testimony of Lehman, Rassmussen and Zima

Note that they go on and on about how peak load has increased, or is it has almost equaled the 2006 peak… which is it?

Look carefully at the charts on pages 30-32.  Here’s the one on p. 32 (click for bigger chart, you’ll need it!)


Now let’s compare this with prior info:


And from their Hiawatha Project filings, first their REVISED chart (click for larger version):


And this was their original:


And remember, this was the stuff that MOES, errrrr, the agency formerly known as MOES, had a hissy fit about my Commenting on Xcel info about peak demand!!!!

I need to read this, have only skimmed it so far, but I trust there will be a way to address this stuff in the record???

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