Heading up to Grand Marais for the Art Festival? Heard from Susan Gecas again, who with her husband Jeff, own the Gunflint Tavern. Jeff is building a roof deck, which will have the best view of the bay in town. It should be done by the time you get there!

GunFlint Tavern.jpg

Their place is THE place to eat in Grand Marais, and this weekend, she expects it to be wall to wall people, coming in for real food and real music, some unreal music too! Susan is an artist, she’s been painting forever (and I remember this great leather helmet she made in high school), but I have to confess, my mother did paint over the paintings she did in our basement over 30 years ago! Sue has filled the walls of the Gunflint Tavern with her art, as she says, “the restaurant is my art expression.”

GunFlint Tavern souffle.jpg

This weekend is the Grand Marais Art Fair, THE event of the season in Grand Marais. The streets will be packed on Saturday and Sunday with artists and their creations (map). It’s a juried show with Best of Show and Best Booth awards. Check out the scene with the Grand Marais Web Cam! Expect exhibits from the North House Folk School, Sweetlight, Michael Tonder, Betsy Bowen, Stix n’ Stonz, and keep your eyes open for all the Carleton Alumni going up this weekend, turning it into Grand Northfield!

For more info, contact the Grand Marais Art Colony at (218) 387-2737 or (800) 385-9585, email arts@boreal.org or Fax (218) 387-2370.

When you’re up there, be sure to stop at the GunFlint Tavern. Say “HI!” to Susan and check out her most recent work on the walls. “Art as decoration is way more fun than head art!” says the artist!

Grand Marais.jpg

Speaking of art:
Artist’s medium rare and it’s, well, dung

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