A two cute infestation

May 18th, 2011


A break from all this serious work for … TREE RATS!

Yesterday I was patrolling the curtilage perimeter with the sheps, and heard a noise and saw a flicker.  So I stopped, and in a hard to see place above the back door, oh my… this is a PROBLEM…  first I see the hole, and then one head, I stood frozen as Summer went bonkers, and then out pops another… I thought the wasps were bad, but these guys have chewed a hole in the side of the house and are nesting… great… but they are cute!  How do I get them out of there without killing them?  Live trap and then haul them way up to the top of the bluff???  Install a one way cat door?  Get a crane and hoist Summer-pup up onto the ledge over the door?  I really detest squirrels!

$50 says they’re progeny of that one who comes over to the full view door off my office, waves its tail, and does a little dance for the dogs…


2 Responses to “A two cute infestation”

  1. Larry DeBoer Says:

    Carol you have a serious problem. My house near the Northfield Golf Course and my neighbor both have had squirrels chew through the cedar siding and made homes in our attic. We were able to clear them out before they had babies. An average litter is 4 and the mothers give birth twice a year so it multiplies rapidly. They can chew through the sheetrock and get into your living spaces.
    We both hired Falls Creek animal and pest control. A guy named Sean (who rides at times with the Jesse James gang) lives south of Faribault (507) 838-8250 comes out with ladders and traps. He is not cheap – $150 to set up the traps and then he charges $60 per squirrel taken out with a max of $450 total if needed. He live-traps them and takes them out near his farm. I still haven’t received the bill for carpentry work to reboard the wall.
    I used to think they were cute too. Now I think like Eddie Murray in Caddie Shack.

  2. Carol A. Overland Says:

    Yup, we’re taking it VERY seriously, going to get rid of them, but figuring out how to do it without having them dead inside some hidyhole in there…

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