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Senate video of hearing

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails about the upcoming hearings, now this has happened and emails are coming in about it.

She has a good handle on it, the job, the role, and she’s been on energy issues f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  I’ve just put it on, and she is sounding nervous, with reason, given the tone of some of what I’ve been hearing.

Now she’s got a story about Koppendrayer and Pugh, where LeRoy told Tom that this was not the legislature and he didn’t have to vote with the chair, Tom proceeded, and LeRoy then said,  “You don’t HAVE to vote AGAINST the Chair EVERY TIME!”

Right now, she’s addressing questions from Sen. John Howe, from here in Red Wing, but he’s asking about things that are before the Commission right now, which she cannot address, it’s like asking a judge in confirmation hearing about issues before the court, she can’t go there… and from the sound of it, she’s not real familiar with the Goodhue Wind case, where the statute does allow County regulation.

Explaining differences… “You can’t just shoot off your mouth like I could as a Senator.”

Sen. Howe is now addressing “personal bias” and I wonder if he knows about her role in limiting nuclear generation and nuclear waste in Minnesota?!?!  And balanced with that is her role in putting nuclear waste “in Goodhue County.”

And now a question about repealing the coal moratorium.  HELLO, where do these folks think that there’s a need for a coal plant?  She’s talking about generation and transmission planning, decreased demand (too weak on that, she should have the specifics).   They’re wanting answers to questions like “What would be the circumstances for the public interest to add a new coal plant?”  Unreal… no understanding that there’s no need.   Sen. Metzen is saying “we used to think we were 5,800-6,000MW short and now, I don’t think the need is there.”  Well DUH.  I’ve been providing info to the Senate and House Energy Committees for so long about need and lack thereof, how is it that so many haven’t gotten it through their heads that there is NO NEED!

Sen. Scott Dibble is now referrring to a facility proposed, can’t tell if it’s Big Stone or Mesaba, probably Mesaba, “a facility that there were questions about.”

Sen. Doug Magnus: “What are your thoughts on transmission… how are we going to move this energy around where we need it?”  There’s a number of transmission cases coming up before us… PUC has decided the first of the CapX lines, that line is intended to help support renewables.  Related to that… one thing that’s been interesting, because there’s been transmission gaps, and logjams in recent years, more of the wind projects have been located closer in to the metro area… as we site more of those transmission lines… that will help bring wind farm siting more back to the high speed wind areas that are more rural… not quite as much contention.   I did carry bill in 2005 to allow CapX utilities to get cost recovery to build out transmission…

(gotta get back to work!)

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  1. Alan Muller Says:


    I don’t understand why so many of your clients don’t like Ellen Anderson. Some actually seem to hate her. Can you explain why? It seems irrational to me.

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