Why are these guys smiling? Don’t they know that the Commissioner of the Iron Range Resources is being subpoenaed to testify about her false… or is it “incorrect,” or is it fraudulent… designation of the West site as an Innovative Energy Project? The Mesaba Project we’re presented with is NOT what was sold to the legislature — what are these guys willing to do to hold Excelsior/Micheletti accountable? Here’s that subpoena: mcgp-service-of-subpoena-irr-sept-20-2006.pdf

Let’s go back a bit. The whole purpose of the Mesaba project, as sold, was to utilize a closed mining operation and get some of those jobs back, and keep Micheletti occupied for a few years. To ensure that purpose was met, the Mesaba statute requires that, in order to get all those regulatory perks, the project must be designated by the Commissioner of Iron Range Resources as being in the taconite relief zone and that it have “adequate infrastructure to support new or expanded development.” On November 7, 2005, the IRR Commissioner did just that, despite a site visit in June that required a walk through the woods. “Incorrect?” Naaaaaaaaaaah, that’s a bit too mild, considering all the funding — grants and loans and loan guarantees — that’s resting on that designation.

So mncoalgasplant.com has filed a Motion to have the “designation” acknowledged for the lie that it is, and to have the West site eliminated from consideration because it is not an “Innovative Energy Project” as defined by the statute.

Here’s our Motion: mcgp-motion-partial-sj.pdf











Now, we’ll see what happens in the PPA docket.

Meanwhile, there’s the Siting docket moving forward. To get info on the siting docket, go to:


There will be a Scheduling Order coming out soon. The good news is that the Hearing will be up north, not in St. Paul. More to follow when that Order comes out.

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