Today Gov. Mark Dayton proposes a step towards equalization of tax rates, inching up income tax rates of wealthier people.  Now isn’t it time they were fully raised to the same percentage that poor people have to pay?  The increase will result in small increases for those with incomes, still a ways to go to equity! But this is a good step in the right direction for Dayton, after some… errrrrrr… misteps, capitulations, bad moves? Salvation perhaps! Here we go! Let the whining begin…

Impacts of tax rate change – downloaded from STrib site

Gov. Dayton’s budget bill HERE!

And more good news — today the Capitol of Madison was shut down by 15,000 protesting Gov. Wingnut Walker’s union busting, this is the same guy who pulled the plug on the high speed train to Chicago:

What’s disgusting?  Union busting!

How much good news can a person take in one day?

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