VOTE!!! Just do it!

November 1st, 2010


Alan’s been working on an election day missive, and I’ve been NOT working on, avoiding, an election day post.  What’s to say?  There’s only one thing to say: GET OUT AND VOTE!


Alan’s from Delaware, and there they have Christine “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state” O’Donnell, what an embarrassment, how can she show her face in public, much less run for office, and worse, that people voted for her ?!?!?!?! Listen to this, one that I, particularly as an “officer of the court” sworn to uphold the constitution, had to chuckle over:

In Minnesota, there’s a gubernatorial election goin’ on… Tim “Green Chameleon” Pawlenty is on the way out. There’s Tom Emmer, right up there with O’Donnell, there’s Horner polling at very low two digits, and there’s Mark Dayton, odds on winner.  The good news is that neither Kelliher or Entenza are on the ballot.  More good news is that Dayton does want to act on the tax drain on the middle and lower classes and equalize percentages for those with higher income.  Yeah, ’bout time… Sometimes he looks like my little bro’ and sometimes he acts like him — so that can go both ways… What really bothers me is that he quit while a Senator, so what’s to say he’ll do the job?


He seems to have good taste in dogs:

dayton-shep1 dayton-shep2

But Kady and Sadie are too young to vote, and would probably cancel each other out anyway.

I’m a Tea-Partier:

“They are socialists.” “They are fascists.” EH?!?!?!?! I WANT MY FREE CAR! A couple of weeks ago a chiropractor I know in the cities said that “Obama is the anti-christ.” HUH? Someone I know who is using Medicare was ranting about “Obamacare” and forcing people to get health care from the government. SAY WHAT?!?! Today someone asked me, discussing a company siting utility infrastructure in their face, said “”don’t they care about people?” Well, no, they don’t. CORPORATIONS DON’T CARE! Why, it’s not even in the equation … sigh… the requirement of a corporation acting in the public interest in exchange for limited liability as a corporation went by the wayside a LONG, LONG time ago.

This came over the wire earlier from Eric Francis, and says it pretty well, what’s got me scratching and shaking my head, the way people are mouthing scripts heard with no understanding of the implications, and taking it a step further and voting against their interests. I can barely stand to think about it… if I do I start on my own rants… don’t even want to wrap my head around it, so I’m taking the easy way out, here’s how Eric Francis puts it:

It is amazing to hear people who collect and depend on Medicare speak against Medicare; to hear poor people support candidates who would eliminate the minimum wage, cut Social Security or give it to a totally unregulated Wall Street, and then complain about over-regulation. It’s beyond my comprehension to understand why any woman would vote for a candidate who wants to make a woman exercising her reproductive rights into a crime. Why would anyone want to repeal a law that protects people from insurance companies banning them if their child has a pre-existing condition? But, it seems that many do. And they may have no clue what they’re against.

This all may sound like an argument not to vote — but actually I’m here to remind you to make some time to vote Tuesday. I know it’s a small gesture, and we need to participate in our constitutional republic every day of the year. But Tuesday is an especially good day. The kinds of problems our country, and our world, are facing call for our attention and involvement.

Go vote. Then get involved. It’s getting too weird in here…

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