Where can you find CapX2020, S.F. 1368, C-BED and TRANSLink together? It’s all connected, we know that, but it’s made simple for us right there on the Capx2020 site. There’s some interesting stuff if you go to left side of home page, to the Midwest Municipal Transmission Group site, and from there pick through the chaff and find the goodies, like Bylaws, and big ol’ spreadsheets full of calculations (how long until this disappears?). C-BED, here’s the SoS registration. And here’s the “C-BED study.”

Yes, it’s all connected. And here on the site, they don’t even give a complete list of all the projects. Can’t have all 200,000 affected landowners knowing what’s coming… sort of like the nuclear power proposal in South Dakota… Compare THIS LIST with this: capx-2020-proposed-lines.pdf Oh, but that’s just Phase I. Here it is, here’s Phase II: 2005-mto-transmission-plan-phase-ii.pdf

200,000 affected landowners. Say no more…

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