Today Krie died, utterly unexpectedly.  She was the happiest most irrepressible dog I’ve ever known.  For the last couple of months, she’s been slowing down, tiring more easily, but nothing unusual for a 12 y.o. pup. A week ago, though, she had a UTI, and we started treatment for that, but she couldn’t keep meds down, and then we got some other drugs to calm her stomach, but her urine was looking really bad, and she wasn’t eating or drinking. Had her blood chemistry checked and her liver was shot. Then yesterday she pretty much stopped eating, and wasn’t drinking much either. Yesterday, she gave me a look, THAT look. She wasn’t whining or anything, but she was done. She’d had enough. The vet was closed… This morning, she couldn’t/wouldn’t get up, we got her up with a towel supporting her and then she hobbled outside on her own, and her pee looked just awful. She peed and came back in on her own, but collapsed in the hallway and wouldn’t go any further. We stuffed her with her drugs and she drank half a little bowl of water. Wouldn’t touch special chicken with broth. Then an hour later, while we were waiting for the vet to call, she got up and hobbled over to the door and lay down. I made a better towel sling, because there’s a lot of stairs down to the car, and we got her there, Alan pretty much carried her, she couldn’t do more than paddle a little bit and we had to pick her up to lay her in the van, she couldn’t help at all. She just laid there, head down, eyes ad ears responding, but that’s it. On the way to the vet, about 40 miles away, I said to Alan, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she started having seizures,” and about 30 seconds later passing by Wanamingo, she started. We were still 10 minutes from the vet and she had petit mal siezures all the way, and we carried her in, and as they were trying to find a vein, which proved very difficult, she started grand mal siezures. And thankfully we were there, and she wasn’t in too much discomfort for too long.


Krie was a dog who had a rough beginning, stuck for seven years in a pen, popping out pups as often as she could. But the last five, almost, years of her life she made up for it, living like the bitch queen that she was. She was the happiest dog, always smiling, except when she was chasing or holding down a poodle, enjoyed life from nose to tail, loved to just sit on the couch butt to butt with me when I worked, and was a good sister to Kenya, helping her get over some of her fears. She loved dock diving, swimming, and chasing anything, stick were good, small animals even better. She loved her ‘lambhearts” and grew to like veggies too, and begged quietly at the kitchen door in the most endearing way. She had the best smile, tounge hanging out, ears pointed down, and eyes sparkling. We’re missing you already, Krie!


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  1. Fay-fay and the pack Says:

    We are so sorry for your loss…..She will be missed. RIP my dear friend

  2. trish Johnson Says:


    My two daughters and I spent the day at the Land ‘O Lakes dog show, trying not to feel like traitors to the two dogs at home. After a day of wet noses and fur everywhere it was sad to hear your news. We know that the end is inevitable but it never gets any easier to say goodbye to the companion that asks nothing of us but to be loved. Trish

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