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August 12th, 2006


He may be my former neighbor from Prestigeous East Phillips, but I remember the co-op war, the CO takeover. I’m astounded at the public enabling of Deano “down the draino” Zimmerperson. Doug Grow admits his bias, he may be getting it… finally… maybe those embarrasingly supportive columns will end… aaaaargh, all the folks joining in “the love train…” give me a break…
But then, how could/why would anyone buy something this lame (from Jury expected to get Zimmerman case today):

Another controversy erupted when defense attorney Dan Scott introduced as evidence a credit card check that Zimmermann said he wrote for $5,000 to a committee supporting the redistricting suit.

Scott said Zimmermann found the check in his home office over the weekend.

The check was dated July 19, 2005, and signed by Zimmermann with a notation in the memo section indicating that it was a donation from Gary Carlson. The defense wanted it entered as evidence showing that Zimmermann didn’t intend to keep the cash for himself or to hide it as the prosecution alleges.

Oh, please… but the jury didn’t buy it. I’m glad to see the editorial: Dean Zimmerman’s casual dishonestyÂ

If a politican is handed an envelope of cash, is there any response that’s appropriate other than standing up, hand on envelope so it doesn’t disappear, and yelling “Help! Someone call 911. I’m an elected official and this guy just handed me a big envelope of cash! Call the cops! Block the door — don’t let this guy get away!”

“Money, money, money…” but is he so narcissistic that he doesn’t concern himself with the magnifying glass of public scrutiny, or the law? Doesn’t he care about the supporters rallying behind him, a guy who’s at least $7G’s worth of Guilty and who doesn’t seem to have a clue that it’s a problem?

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