The decline continues, of course, of course…


Xcel’s 3rd Quarter investor conference call was this morning.  I really enjoy these calls, because I get to hear them forced to tell bad news.  And the bad news for me this morning was that it wasn’t as bad as I’d hoped it would be.

You can listen to the call on Xcel’s site:

3rd Q 2009 Xcel Energy Earnings Conference Call

You can also get a transcript of the call at Seeking Alpha:

Transcript – will show up here soon

Today I actually listened to it, and Krie, who sits next to me most of the day, got all fired up, and jumped off the couch and started in on her “squeaky bark,” not the bit #100 lb. German Shepherd “something’s going on down on the street” roar, or her frantic “I see a cat and I want LUNCH!” lunge, buther “squeaky bark,” sounding like a Pomeranian, too cute, and each time David Sparby said something, she start squeaky barking, like she does when she hears puppies on a Doggyspace video… hilarious.  But I wonder what she was saying… or what she was hearing!

Anyway, here’s the real poop:

Xcel 3rd Quarter

or at the SEC site:

SEC – Xcel 3rd Quarter Earnings

It’s down, down, down, but … well, I want to see it down even more!!


Note the massive decrease in electric revenues, but that’s offset by an equal drop in fuel and purchased power, so the bottom line looks better.  What I care about is sales, though, not the bottom line, and it’s good news to see Electric Revenues drop by 955 in 2009 thus far, or a tadbit under 15%.  Works for me!!!


Looks to me like it’s down 3%!  Need, schmeed, there isn’t any…

Capitalism happens — let the market decide!!


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