I forgot to check the “Opinions” section, and look! Letters from Darrell White (he’s going to have a pipeline and transmission line cross his property) and Amanda Nesheim.

Water supply is vulnerable

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 09th, 2006 11:31:31 AMbr /> Editor:

When new industry moves into an area, there are always spin-off businesses created. One that hasn’t been mentioned in relation to the coal gasification plant proposed for the Scenic Highway area is bottled water.

In addition to the 54 pounds (their number) of air borne mercury per year going into our lakes and streams from the stacks of Mesaba One and Mesaba Two, the plant would be putting many water treatment chemicals into the cooling water which would be drawn down and returned to the Canisteo mine pit.

On page 116, Section 2 of the Mesaba Energy Project Environmental Supplement, it states that â?? The cities of Bovey, Calumet, Coleraine, Marble and Taconite rely on ground water resources for public water supplies.â? It further states that â??Due to the close proximity of these public water supply wells to surface water bodies, a hydrologic connection may exist between the ground water captured by the wells and local surface waters.â? They state that the source water aquifers are â??more sensitive to land surface activities and more vulnerable to potential contamination.â?

When these facts were brought up to an Excelsior Energy representative, he said not to worry-they would be monitoring the wells. In other words, when they tell us the wells are contaminated, a new industry is born. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Darrell White

Become informed on energy projects

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 09th, 2006 11:32:02 AM

To the Northland community:

I attended a community meeting on July 25 put on by the Citizens Against the Mesaba Project (CAMP) at the Grand Rapids Area Library. I urge everyone in the northland to visit their Web site, www.camp-site.info. They have worked very hard to find out facts concerning the two proposed coal-gasification power plants to be built at a site in Taconite.

I also attended a community informational gathering on July 26 put on by Excelsior Energy Inc., the organization proposing to build these plants. There are a total of six power plants slated to be built. Hoyt Lakes is another site continuing to be looked at.

Please become informed. These energy projects will affect us all.

Amanda Nesheim

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