TakeAction, recognizing a progressive when it sees one, has endorsed Julie Risser for Senate in Minnesota’s SD41 — no contest, she got over 70% on the first ballot. Risser is running for Senate in Edina and West Bloomington against incumbent Geoff Michel and DFL endorsed Andrew Borene.

Here’s Julie and her daughters from the MPR site. They covered the SD41 race earlier this week in “Edina is key suburban battleground this campaign.” There are parts of her campaign journal on their site. Here’s “It doesn’t cost anything to knock on a door.”


Take Action, the new political morph of Progressive Minnesota and MAPA, is an important endorsement because they support a PROGRESSIVE platform and values and have resources to help progressive candidates get their message out. TakeAction has a thorough candidate screening process, through which they target campaigns:

From their Campaign page:

We will be working hard in the upcoming months to return a progressive majority to our state legislature.

We will do this by:

  • Targeting races (done by our political committee) to screen and endorse candidates
  • Coordinating the work of our progressive partners so that our resources are used wisely
  • Training and developing other good organizers
  • Keeping the base energized & engaged by staying focused on the issues that matter to Minnesota — like good jobs, decent schools, and affordable health care
  • Turning out progressive voters on Election Day through strong organizing and a great canvass.

This TakeAction endorsement is an important endorsement of her candidacy, which Julie proudly adds to those of Clean Water Action and the Progressive Women’s Caucus!

WAY TO GO, RISSER!!! (hmmmmmmmm… think she’s getting helpful hints from WI’s Fred Risser???)

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