Yesterday, Baron, one of our German Shepherd buddies, had emergency surgery.  He’d had a bump, his owner thought he might have a hernia or something, and she brought him to the vet, nada, she and the vet couldn’t find a thing.  Then, a couple of weeks later, he was acting like he was hurting, whimpering and laying around, and she found it again, what felt like a small bump, and brought him in again.  They took an X-ray and OH MY DOG!  It looked “bigger than a softball, maybe soccor ball size!”  He was instantly scheduled for surgery on Monday.

Here’s what they found attached to his spleen:


EEEEEEEEEEEEEUW, that tumor weighed in at 7.5 pounds.  It’s as if the poor dear had a cesarean.  WOW!  What more is there to say.  It’s a good thing his owner was persistent.  He’ll be a lot happier pup now that that’s gone.  WOW!  YEOW!  Oh, it hurts to think about…

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