It’s scary the way coal gasification proposals are flying around — methinks they are all vying for a chance at a limited pot of federal funding, clawing their way toward the prize. I heard today from someone fighting the American Electric Power IGCC proposal in Ohio, and it sounds too familiar. When I searched for images of the project, here’s what I get, maybe what Santa’s giving to them? naaaaaaa:

Last year they started front-end engineering on the AEP project. Here’s their blurb on that. And here’s a promotional article:
The new clean fuel: Coal producer goes green

Really, that’s the headline! And funny, the link for AEP in the above article provides a “corporate snapshot” and stock prices… Links for more info on the coal gasification proposal? Not in that article!

Here’s where the Ohio PUC started down that familiar trail of altering “business as usual” to “business as unusual” by authorization of recovery of preconstruction costs in the rates. Here’s their blurb on that.

Remember that coal comes from somewhere — how and where? As Andy David said Tuesday in Grand Rapids, “Remember from chemistry class that elements cannot be destroyed.” If it’s not coming out the stack in as great quantities, it’s going somewhere else.

For a refresher about the story of coal, see Mountaintop Removal. It’s all connected.

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