Citizens Against the Mesaba Project
P.O. Box 583
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

On Monday, July 17, 7:20 a.m., KAXEâ??s Scott Hall will interview Ross Hammond, P.E., about Excelsior’s Mesaba Project.

To hear it online, go to, click on “KAXE Live.”

Ross Hammond, P.E., will be the featured speaker at CAMP’s informational meeting, Tuesday, July 25, 2006, at 7 p.m., at the Grand Rapids Public Library. Ross has a solid background in electrical generation and environmental energy policy:

  • Energy Consultant â?? Licensed Electrical Engineer
  • Board Member, Fresh Energy
  • Over 30 years experience in the energy industry
  • Managed two coal power plants
  • Formerly NSPâ??s Director of Environmental Affairs

But what’s too funny for words, I just can’t stop snorting, is that decades ago, his father and my father worked together to build coal and nuclear plants! Not only does he know all about coal plants, but he also knows all the players in this Mesaba fiasco — it’s so nice to have someone on board who understands what’s going on!

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