Ken Lay is not dead!?!

July 5th, 2006


Well DUH! From Eric Francis:

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 | BREAKING: Ken Lay is Not Dead

Ken Lay is not dead. He is already in a foreign country. This is according to a reading of the horary chart associated with his death (4:51 pm CED, Brussels, July 5, 2006). In one of the most carefully planned escapes in shadow government history, Lay disappeared, probably within the past 24 hours.

The chart has Scorpio rising, apropos of the discussion. The Moon and Jupiter Rx have just risen and are in the 12th house, about to make a conjunction. This is nothing, if not mysterious — no need to push it too hard.

The ruler of the ascendant is Mars, which is in Leo and the 9th house. The ascendant ruler represents the first party to the question — Mr. Lay. He does not appear to be anywhere nearby, as the 9th house represents travel of long distances.

Magnificently, Mars is precisely opposite Neptune — separating to an exactitude of three arc minutes. Neptune adds the factor of a huge fog, deception or unknowable possibility (echoed vividly by those 12th house Scorpio planets). This suggests a kind of crime of the century: that Neptune in Aquarius has proven many times that there is no story too outrageous for people to swallow.

Regarding Mars in the 9th, we could propose that the ‘long distance’ of this house was to Kenny Boy’s little place in hog heaven, were it not for another fact: the ruler of the 7th cusp, which is Taurus and thus Venus — representing a partner or, in general, ‘someone else’, is found in the 8th house, the house of death.

The syntax of this is not difficult to grasp: someone else is dead. First take is this is the body of the guy who is laying in for Kenny.

My second take on this Venus 8th was that his wife would soon be joining him, as Venus is about to square Uranus in Pisces.

Obviously, there was an escape house on an island somewhere; such is commonplace enough among the ultra-posh. And with all the resources of the Land of the Free to protect them, freedom is available.

News prediction: “they,” that is, the MSM, will float a story that proves the validity of the corpse, a kind of, “It really is Ken” story, with DNA or fingerprints — affirming the question.

That’s the news. Now back to you.

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2 Responses to “Ken Lay is not dead!?!”

  1. Kimmy Says:

    many believe this story more than Lay’s death.

    How do we get to the bottom of this? There has to be a way to “dig” this up.

    It proves he is a devious man and the charges he was convicted of are true, the jury was right.

  2. Joshua Danfield Says:

    George Bush is the man! He couldnt exonerate Lay so he helped him fake his death. So what what if you were lay and headed to prison for the rest of your life and you were friends with Bush? You think he did it? Now Skillings will take all the blame and do the time. Lay probably will have Bush put money on Skillings Books or next skillings will be dead of sucicide or something! George Bush is the man and so is Ken Lay untouchable Mobb resembling criminals and they are running our government its corrupt and i love it! Fuxck me and my criminal record i just had to do some time where lay should have been so im a man cause i did my time but im not courrupt so if i try to run for pres i cant because ive been locked up !!!!!!!! Tight !!!!

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