Deer up the bluff — look closely, see the brown spot? That’s a deer about 30 feet up from the “poop deck” off my home office, photo taken from my desk looking up at about a 50 degree angle. Krie was just running around up there yesterday, so I’m suprised they’d stop with fresh dog scent. There are at least 4 who go through probably every day, I’ve seen them between 10 and 11:30 a.m. — I like them up there where they have less of a chance of being another hood ornament or aftermarket groundeffects…


Back to…

What’s up with this rhetorical semantic resistance to reality? Let’s see… I posted the notice I got from nco, verbatim, telling me that they weren’t doing blogs anymore, and Doug Bratland calls it “rumor.” HUH? He blogs:

Weblogs are Alive and Well on

Q: What moves faster than high-speed Internet?

A: The Northfield rumor network!

Of course we’re not eliminating citizen weblogs.

…. stopping hosting of blogs, no more will exist. Sounds like eliminating blogs to me. Sounds like pulling the plug to me! are dead. Long live!

Whatever… I gotta deal with this rumor. I’ve got the domain names, have a … host? server? … So keep your eyes open for Legalectric and OverlandLaw coming soon to a rumor mill near you! In the meantime, I’ll be ruminating… burp!

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