Monday night there was a presentation by Revis Stephenson, of Advanced Bioenergy, who wants to build an ethanol plant in Bridgewater Township. The location proposed is the Hutton farm on Co. Rd. 8, right by Stephanine Henricksen and David Kamis’ farm. Oh, great, good idea! Here’s Section 29, showing the Hutton’s land, they have parts of Section 29 and 30.

Bridgewater sec 29.jpg

They plan to dump the wastewater into Wolf Creek, and Stephenson apparently didn’t know that Wolf Creek is an impaired water — they won’t be dumping any wastewater there! And how exactly would they get it from Hutton’s land to Wolf Creek?!?!? Here’s the MPCA Impaired Waters list in PDF and searchable Excel.

Also, take a look at the plat map, in the middle of Section 29. See where it says Freeway Enterprises (not an active corporation) and Medford Properties — what are they?

And the punch line — here’s how Revis Stephenson deals with permit compliance in “his own backyard” literally — for his own home (here’s the aerial photo) in the City of Orono, where he did not comply with the conditions of his permit and wanted After the Fact Conditional Use Permit and Variances — he just happened to expand his lot by 26 feet… who in Rice County does this remind you of? Here’s the City Council minutes!

Here’s info on the Fairmont, Nebraska plant they built. Note that in that one they got TIF money. They want to try to do that here too. HUH??? More slopping in the government trough, building for-profit enterprises at public expense. I would hope the County has the sense to say “NO!”

Here’s some SEC info about Stephenson’s compensation for a project.

Here are links to all sorts of SEC stuff on Advanced BioEnergy — 10Q very much!

And then there’s the issue of the railroad upgrades (that Doug Jones has been talking up) and traffic on Co. Rd. 8.

Does Little Prairie Church want ethanol neighbors?

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