Tall Buildings Needed

To the editor:

What is all this flap about a towering condo at Centennial Lakes?

Isn’t this a major metropolitan area with too many people driving too far everyday, which logically argues for higher density land use? Aren’t there many tall buildings – office and residential – within a stone’s throw?

Yes, tall buildings don’t do much for me, but it is not out of character with what is already there. And I have to admit, things have changed. My brother and I used to run our dogs at the gravel pit – oh, its now called “Centennial Lakes.”

Long to return to the good old days? OK, reduce those tall buildings to rubble, bulldoze the smaller ones whose owners don’t want larger buildings inflicted on them, and have a good space to run the dogs on Sunday afternoon.

I would just as soon as Lunds and Target were farms again, and there was a horse running through the neighborhood now and then. Oh well … it’s time to adjust to the 21st century.

Carol A. Overland

Edina (NOT!)
(I’d emailed it with my full office address, where on earth did they get this idea??)

Yes, even the developers admit it was a gravel pit

Centennial Lakes 2.jpg

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