This Twins stadium deal and the trio of stadium deals really sticks in my craw. I didn’t like it for the Humpdome, and now… don’t we learn? Decades ago, a whole bunch of artsy folks I knew, (“cafe society”, eh Ross?) shared the top floor of a warehouse across the street until it went upscale, and it was heaven with a view, except for Twins days, anyway, it’s been so long that I can’t even remember the particulars of that Metrodome deal that pissed me off so, but I remain pissed!!! Righteously pissed!!!! What do facts have to do with anything anyway… I mean, we’re talking about corporate welfare here! And this’ll be on my list of election issues!

In the STrib article today, Twins stadium critics stage protest, reveals the truth, the public doesn’t want to pay for this:

On Sunday, a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll showed that just 23 percent felt the Twins needed a new stadium the most over the Vikings and the University of Minnesota football team; two-thirds opposed public funding for a new stadium; and 78 percent felt that, should public money be spent on the stadium, a referendum should be required.

Yet it goes forward… WTF??? What about “two-thirds opposed public funding for a new stadium” don’ t they understand???

Twins stadium closer than ever

Dave Bicking, who ran for City Council last election, is fighting:

“We would at least like a chance to vote on this,” says Dave Bicking. He’s part of a citizen’s group fighting the sales tax that would pay for most of the new stadium. “Twenty-five years from now, I don’t think our highest priority will be paying our taxes for a new stadium.”

Bicking and those opposed to the tax want the issue put to voters while the Twins are happy a decade-long effort to get a new stadium could soon be over.

And in the STrib article today:

Auto mechanic Dave Bicking says opponents won’t forget at the ballot box in November and hopes to knock supporters out of office….

…But opponent Dave Bicking, who is organizing today’s protest at the governor’s residence, was more resigned.

“We’re exhausted,” he said. “Done deal? To be honest, it looks that way.”

I’m glad Bicking’s out there countering the lobbyists spin, reminding legislators that people do NOT want to pay for a stadium. It’s one more example of a private for-profit enterprise transferring the burden and risk to the public. Where that happens, we’d better be getting the profit, and when we don’t, legislators are NOT working in their constituents interest. Oh, I forgot, DUH, those who vote for the stadium regard the corporations as their primary constituents…

People??? Voters??? yeah… chopped liver… Time to VOTE NO AGAINST THEM ALL!

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