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It’s been bipartisanship through and through, and now it’s the R’s turn. Go to Scott Jensen’s district’s legislative page and what do you find? VACANT

In today’s StPPP: Jensen gets 15 months in prison

Prosecutors spent two weeks during his trial putting a string of his Capitol aides and former legislative workers on the stand.

They testified they served as field campaign operatives, held campaign strategy meetings in both Jensen’s office and other state offices, recruited candidates and produced campaign literature on their state computers, all under Jensen’s oversight. They also testified Jensen used legislative aide Sherry Schultz as a full-time campaign fundraiser who would guide Republican candidates.

And more description of their illegal behavior from a JSOnline article: Jensen guilty of 3 felonies

Their testimony painted a stunning picture of a GOP election and re-election machine paid for by taxpayers:

With Jensen running it before the 1998 and 2000 elections, the Assembly Republican Caucus recruited candidates; plotted ways to get incumbent Democrats to not seek re-election; organized fund-raising events; and used state-paid graphic artists to do invitations and thank-you notes for them.

Those workers also solicited lobbyists to give to “vulnerable” GOP candidates; devised strategy plans based on poll results; assigned state-paid aides to specific races; and coordinated the filming of TV ads, using state-paid workers as extras.

Throughout, Jensen whined about “selective prosecution” claiming “the Democrats were doing it too” but the Democrats were jailed too — he’s clearly not getting it, is he…

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