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Age – wax on wood, Italy, circa late 1600’s

… yeah, this goes in the “energy” category, but it’s really “lack thereof.” Since I’ve been sick, and have three more weeks of drugs, well, thankfully I no longer feel like something the dog urped up, but oh, it’s slow going, yesterday getting up north, being “on” in Grand Rapids and then getting back this morning… it’s not just that the pups snouts are both turning noticibly grey, what’s worse is that I’ve got to admit that I can’t drive all night anymore, can’t write on no sleep either, and so there I was in the grocery store, barely able to haul my carcass in there after 250+ miles, got rung up and I’d handed over nearly exact change, and got back more than I’d expected. HUH? She pointed at the sign, “Senior Discount.” It’s Senior Day at the store, 55 and over. My first “Senior” discount. I’ll fight that another day, today I felt twice that! Send that one to Jeremy Iggers!

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